Training Fees:

The agreed training fees are per calendar month and are based on a 50-week year. The clubs will close for 2 weeks over the Christmas period. There may also be a one-week closure in the spring or summer. If there is a closure during Spring/Summer, all students will be entitled to make up for the missed lessons at one of the other clubs, but this must be taken within one month.

Training fees must be paid by standing order every month. This includes payments during your holidays. However, in the essence of fairness, students can again, make up for missed lessons at any of the other clubs. In summary, all students are entitled to 50 weeks training per year.

New students will be entitled to one free trial session. Payments for training will then need to be made by cash at the beginning of each session for the next few weeks or until the beginning of the next month. (Lesson fee is £6 per session, per student).

After this period, training fees are to be paid by standing order at the beginning of each month or as close to the beginning as possible.

When a student discontinues training with Minami Kaigan Karate UK, it is their responsibility to cancel the standing order.

We have no control of your bank account. Therefore, refunds will not be given for over payments if the account holder does not cancel the standing order after the student has left, unless there are extenuating circumstances. This will need to be discussed with the chief instructor at the earliest convenience.



All students must purchase an association licence and personal insurance within one month of joining the club.

It is the Student/Parents responsibility to renew the Licence & Insurance annually (no reminders will be issued). If a student does not maintain a current licence they may be suspended from the class until the renewal is requested and completed, no training fees will be reimbursed during the suspension and missed lessons cannot be made up at the other clubs.

Students will also not be allowed to enter gradings or competitions without a current licence/Insurance, so please make sure that you add your licence expiry date to your calendar to avoid this situation.


Personal hygiene:

All students must maintain clean, short finger and toe nails. Long, dirty nails are not only unhygienic, they can cause serious injuries. Long hair must be tied up or in a ponytail.

All jewellery must be removed before each training session.

Eating or chewing gum is strictly prohibited during the training sessions.

A clean, pressed white Karate Gi (uniform) must be worn at every each session, including courses, gradings and squad training sessions.


Dojo Etiquette:

Correct etiquette must always be shown, both to your Sensei (Instructor) and your fellow students.

Always be respectful, polite and arrive to training on time. Lateness is not only disrespectful to the instructor and other students, it is also a distraction and can be quite dangerous because the warm up will have been missed, this can result in injuries, which could easily have been avoided.


Misuse of Karate:

Under no circumstances should any student use what they have learnt in class for malicious, unlawful or vindictive reasons. Whether you are inside or outside the Dojo (training hall). The skills you learn are purely for self-defence only.

Failure to abide by this rule will result in an initial verbal warning from the chief instructor. Any further complaints of a student using Karate inappropriately will result in the student being asked to leave the club permanently.

Causing harm to another person through misuse of karate can have very serious consequences and could lead to prosecution by the Police.




It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she can undergo the normal routine of exercises & combative drills provided by the class. Not all exercises/combative drills are suitable for everyone and any training class may result in injury.

Members must accept the risk of injury from performing the normal routine of exercises/combative drills.

To reduce the risk, members are advised to consult their GP before beginning any class. Especially if there are any underlying or existing medical conditions. It is every Student/Parents responsibility to ensure that the instructor is made aware of all medical conditions, even those considered to be minor.


Instructor/Student contact

During normal training sessions it may become necessary for the instructor to make physical contact with the student. This could involve adjusting the position of the student’s foot/feet to gain the correct stance, moving an arm to correct a block position or punch, also correcting shoulder or lower back position to improve posture etc.

Any such contact will only be made if verbal instruction is not understood and any contact will only be made in full view of all other students in the class.

All instructors of Minami Kaigan Karate UK hold enhanced DBS certification, they are all trained in Child Awareness/Child safety and are all first aid trained.



Any complaints regarding instructors or students should only be discussed with the Chief Instructor, in private, not during the class.

Complaints will be dealt with appropriately and within a reasonable time. Feedback will be given to the complainant as soon as is practicably possible and a record of the complaint will be recorded for future reference, or follow up.

Complaints or concerns about anything related to the clubs, instructors or students must not, under any circumstances be discussed with other Students/Parents.

Any Student/Parent found to be discussing club matters in a malicious way, either inside or outside of the club, could be suspended or their membership permanently terminated with immediate effect.