Dorset based Wado-Ryu karate club

Lessons are available at three locations in Dorset:

Poole, Everyone Active Leisure Centre.
Monday's, 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

Poole, Skinner Street United Reformed Church.
Wednesday's, 6.15pm to 7.15pm.

Blandford, Gymnastics club. Uplands way.
Thursday's, 7pm to 8.30pm
First lesson free!
To book a space at one of the clubs Contact Chris
07745 295733
or email:


In light of the government announcement on Monday 16th March 2020, advising people to 'avoid non essential contact with others, avoid pubs, clubs and theatres' etc. I have made the difficult decision to cancel all Karate lessons until further notice. I am hoping that this will only be a short cancellation of possibly two weeks, but as this is a brand new virus, it's virtually impossible to know just how long it will be before it peaks and starts it's decline. Or whether the government will impose even further radical decisions. I will keep my website updated and after a two week period, I will make another decision whether to extend the close down or to reinstate the training sessions. Either way, I will do my best to keep you updated.

I have also decided to postpone the grading, which was scheduled for 19th April. I have not set a new date for this yet, but once we know where we are going with this virus, I will set another date.

Closing the clubs down temporarily has been a very hard decision for me to make, but at this stage, I think it is the most responsible thing that I can do, not only to ensure the safety and well being of my students, but also the health and safety of their families and friends.

I hope you will understand that I have made this decision in the best interest of everyone, including those in your local community.

Obviously, once things settle down, I will do my very best to ensure that extra sessions are made available for you to make up for the lessons that I have had to cancel. Even if this means hiring  different halls on other evenings or weekends in order to run them. This would be at my expense, so you would not lose out on training fees that you have already paid.

Finding available halls is always very difficult, so if you are able to come along to any of the other clubs, you could make up for the missed lessons that way, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that you do not lose out.

Please make sure you keep an eye on my website for updates, but I will also try to send out updated emails.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In the meantime. keep safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Some of the students at Everyone Active Poole. Monday night class.

The Lessons on Monday's in Poole are predominantly juniors. This is mainly due to the lesson times being a bit early in the evening for most adults. However, any parents or adults that fancy giving it a try, would be more than welcome. Are you brave enough to let these kids show you how it's really done?

Here are some of the students from the Wednesday class at Skinner street United reformed church hall. Poole

Our Wednesday night lessons cater for students of all ages from 6 years through to adults. There is also a good mix of grades, from complete beginners to senior grades. We are lucky enough to have a nice big hall at Skinner street and there is always plenty of room for new students. So why not come along and get your first free trial session.

You might surprise yourself and really enjoy it.

An unusually quiet lesson at Blandford, but here are some of the regular students. The Blandford class is a really good mix of adults and juniors training together, so this is an ideal club for families to come and train together. What better way to spend some quality time with your kids.

Some of the students from each of the clubs, lining up ready to start the grading. Not a single ounce of nerves showing and they are even smiling. Not quite sure if they know just how hard they are going to have to work!

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